An individual can get a copy of their tax return from the Internal Revenue Service.  The Internal Revenue Manual (IRM) contains procedures for obtaining that transcript.  An individual master file is used to record transaction and financial entries for individual tax returns. Its counterpart is the business master file for business returns.

The IRS maintains a transcript of account for each filed tax return.  A transcript shows most entries on a tax return.  It includes data on an amended return, payments, penalties, and other processing activities.

A transcript of a taxpayer’s return may be obtained at the IRS website by first registering at “Get Transcript Online” and then ordering the document for the appropriate taxpayer.  If a person does not want to get an online transcript, a call may be made to 800-908-9946 to request one be mailed.  As a CPA, I can call a Practitioner Hotline on your behalf if I have a signed Power of Attorney to act for you.

As your CPA, I can request a transcript for you to find what information was reported on a prior-year return.  We can do this to respond to an IRS notice you have received or check the status of an amended return or refund. Our office has a list of common IRS transaction codes to determine what information we have been given on your return.  Please call our office if you have questions.