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In August 2020 Desert Foothills Accounting and Tax (Sedona, AZ) was acquired by Comish, Powell, and Armus CPAs (Flagstaff, AZ & Page, AZ). Subsequently we became Desert Foothills Accounting and Tax – Blake Comish, CPA. We now operate offices throughout the state of Arizona and can help client’s located anywhere in the United States. We are a full service CPA firm with the experience and knowledge to help with any accounting or tax need. Our team of professionals are happy to help you and your business succeed.

Blake Comish, CPA

Owner / Managing Partner

Blake Comish, CPA, is the Owner of Desert Foothills Accounting and Tax. Blake has a master’s degree from Brigham University in accounting and tax. Blake has over 25 years of experience in tax planning and tax preparation.

Contact me: (928) 779-9420


Staff Accountant / Sedona Office

Heather has worked for Desert Foothills Accounting & Tax for three years. She has a background in accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and administrative work. She always makes it her goal to offer great customer service and enjoys making clients feel welcome and comfortable.

Contact me: (928) 862-4103

Jon Chavez

Staff Accountant

Jon has an Accounting degree, practicing profession for 9 years and a Licensed Financial Advisor since 2017. She also has experience in Sales, Banking & Finance, Fraud Investigation & Mitigation.

Email me: jon@desertfoothillscpa.com

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